Welcome to Snowready

Developed by Snow Australia, SnowReady has been designed to deliver a fun and interactive ski and snowboard fitness program aimed at people of all ages and abilities.

Hosted by 3 x Olympian Sami Kennedy-Sim, SnowReady contains 8 episodes,  and also features other Australian Winter Olympians and Snow Australia Program staff who provide helpful tips to help you get the most out of your next Snow Trip. 

Each weeks program host beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of the exercises. Sami will show you how to safely do the exercises which you can complete in your own time. 

Each week's episode is accompanied by a PDF of the session and exercises to help you in your session planning. 

Click on the 30-second video below to see what SnowReady looks like, or find the links to the Episodes below

Now it’s time to get SnowReady.

Snow Ready Movement Toolkit

The SnowReady Movement Toolkit is a collection of exercises for participants to use to improve their:

Activation, Mobility, Flexibility and Recovery

Use the exercises in this booklet to build a routine that works best for you. It may help identify areas you would like to see improvement in, the physical demands of your sport and the environment that you find yourself in.

Each element can be done with minimal equipment and variations are used by our National Team athletes as they compete around the globe. Sessions have been completed in bedrooms, hotel hallways, day lodges and even the ski tube platform!

Download the Movement Toolkit below:

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