NSTC Park is open to the public and accommodates a broad range of jumping ability from beginner to advanced.

The NSTC Park includes the Small 13ft, Medium 23ft, Large 39ft and XLarge 55ft jumps.

You must be a financial member to book online. If you are a non-finiancial member you may register on site (subject to availability) for $85 for community sessions only (you must have an active SnowID to register, i.e a NSTC Visitor Access Membership).

All participants are required to complete an Intro2Plastic session BEFORE they are eligible to book in for a Community Session.

View Intro2Plastic Sessions Here

Please check equipment requirements prior to booking and arrival

Bookings & Arrival

Please register prior to arrival

Arrive at least 20mins prior to your session for;
Wristband Collection, Safety Induction Video, Equipment Check.

Session times and bag operations may vary upon seasonal conditions and booking numbers.


To ensure your safety, in high winds, lightning events, or low light conditions we reserve the right to close the park. If this occurs less than 1 hour into the session you may request to re-schedule or receive a partial refund of 50%. 

NSTC Weather Conditions

Session Prices

NSTC Park - 10-Pack Community Pass

Purchase your 10-Pack Community Pass for $530 per person

10-Pack Community Pass will give you access to all the standard Wed, Fri, Sat and (Special Sun) Community Sessions. 

*Be a NSTC Access financial member and save!
Valid for 12 months from date of purchase and is non-transferrable.

Community Sessions 

2hr to 2.5hr Jump Session 
Financial Members: $66 (book online)
Non-Financial Members: $85 (book at venue only)

2023 Booking Information and Athlete Access

Private/ Internationals / Pathway Bookings

Exclusive access and Private booking options are available.
For any enquiries please email:


Progression from Small jump / Medium jump and Large Jump needs to be approved by NSTC staff.  Riders must be able to show skill on: Approach, Take-offManoeuvre and Landing.  Riders are required to show consistent distance by clearing the RED knuckle line before approval will be granted. 

To be eligible to access the XL (55ft) Jump you must complete one full 2.5hr session using the Large (39ft) jump safely and be approved by staff.



Athletes and Coaches require permission prior to the day from the NSTC for coaching on site during Community sessions.

Insurance / Relevant accreditations / Membership and Names of athletes - must be supplied prior to the day.

Reservations will be confirmed 7-days in advanced to provide equal opportunity for coaches and athletes.

There is limit to the number of sessions that can be requested for Community Coaching access and areas may be restricted.

A $20 per coaching fee, associated with coaching on site payable by the coach. Max. 4 athletes permitted with coach.


Lanky Bear - Wax for Airbag         

Lanky Bear is partnering with the NSTC to supply the best wax for athletes and guests for Airbag use.  

Lanky Bear is the eco-friendly wax that does not compromise performance - 0% paraffin wax, 0% toxic fluorocarbons and 0% preservatives (also available for snow use).

Waxing on site by the public is no longer available. NSTC staff (if available) may be able to assist with application. 

Equipment will be inspected for any unknown excess wax and removed.  

Please do not use candle wax as is creates unsafe contaminate on the bags.

Options for purchase - Block = $30 / Single session application (by NSTC staff, if available) = $10


NSTC Park Induction Video


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