Wellbeing & Engagement

Snow Australia strives to ensure the experience of athletes in high-performance programs and pathways is encouraged and supported, and that upon retirement athletes can talk about and reflect positively around their time in our sport.

Snow Australia is committed by empowering athletes, assisting them to develop their knowledge and skills, and self-drive actions tailored around their individual needs using a holistic approach.

Athletes are supported to make evidence-based decisions on all life domains to enable them to thrive both during their time in sport, and after. To achieve this, Snow Australia endeavours to deliver the best practice services, programs, and individual wellbeing care through one-on-one delivery and in established programs for Snow Australia athletes through a sport specific Wellbeing and Engagement strategy.

For more information regarding wellbeing and engagement, contact Snow Australia Wellbeing and Engagement Manager on ssim@snow.org.au 

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • AIS Mental Health Referral Network
  • Crisis Support Services 
  • Key mental health and wellbeing resources

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Career and Education

  • Career Practitioners Referral Network
  • The Elite Athlete Education Network
  • Elite Athlete University Scholarships 
  • Snow Australia University Application Support 
  • The Elite Athlete Tafe Network 
  • Key Career and Education Resources

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Personal Development

  • Personal Budgeting
  • Personal Values 
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication 
  • Culture
  • Athlete Wellbeing Toolkit

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AIS Be Heard

AIS Be Heard is the place anyone in Australian high performance sport – past or present - can turn to for help.

AIS Be Heard is where everyone can feel safe to share their experiences and seek support. It’s free, independent and completely confidential. There are no obligations.

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Parents & Carers

References on this page are for Parents, carers and loved ones supporting an athlete's wellbeing in the progression through their chosen sport. 

Wellbeing & Engagement News

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  • Athlete Transition Support
  • University Application Support 
  • Navigating the USA Collegiate System
  • Wellbeing & Engagement Strategy
  • Performance Psychology + Wellbeing & Engagement Servicing Overview

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Have a question about Wellbeing and Engagement and not sure who to ask? 

Please contact Snow Australia’s Wellbeing and Engagement Manger.

Sami Sim