National Snowsports Training Centre (NSTC) 
Terms & Conditions (Terms)

These Terms apply to all guests of NSTC, located within the Jindabyne Sport & Recreation Centre precinct at 207 Barry Way, Jindabyne NSW 2627. To ensure the NSTC can provide a high level of service in a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment for all its guests, you acknowledge that by entering the premises at NSTC you accept these Terms. 

NSTC reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without notice. 

Entry to the Premises 

All guests are required to check-in and advise of their attendance upon arrival at the premises. Check-in for Acro classes is in the front reception area of the John Langly Hancock building while check-in for Park sessions is through the NSTC Clubhouse located at the Park entrance.  

Entry will not be permitted without checking-in prior to entering the premises 

Guests are permitted to only access the designated areas of the NSTC premises, including the viewing platform located upstairs of the NSTC ClubhouseAccess to all other areas is restricted, unless a guest is be accompanied by an NSTC staff member.  Any guest who enters unauthorised areas of the NSTC premises will be requested to leave the area immediately and return to the designated areas.  

Waiver & Release of Liability 

Guests will be required to agree to these Terms, which includes a waiver, at the time of booking classes or sessions at the NSTC. For guests under the age of 18 years, the Terms including the waiver must be acknowledged and agreed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. Guests will not be permitted to participate in any activity at the premises unless these Terms including the waiver are acknowledged and agreed. 

Booking Classes & Sessions 

The availability of classes and/or sessions referred to on the NSTC website is subject to change, delay, cancellation, or closure due to, but not limited to, inclement weather, poor light, preventative maintenance, refurbishment, or other operational requirements. All efforts will be made to ensure that appropriate notification is given along with options to re-allocate your booked session and/or class. 

Booking Options 

Registration for Acro classes and Park sessions can be made through the schedule links on the NSTC website. Guests booking online must be financial members of SA The guest and/or a parent or guardian are responsible for ensuring that memberships are current and active prior to booking a class and/or session Information on membership types, registration, renewal, and upgrades can be found HERE. 

Registrations can be made either as a permanent booking (school term classes for Acro only) or as a casual booking (individual Acro classes and/or Park sessions)Please note that permanent bookings cannot be changed once the registration has been confirmed. If you are not able to attend a booked session, a makeup session or moving a session to another day will not be permitted. 

Casual bookings can be rescheduled to another session, provided appropriate notice is given in writing via email with a valid reason. (See Cancellation, Refund and Amendments)Casual bookings can only be rescheduled once, requests for bookings to be rescheduled multiple times will not be accepted.  

NSTC Park – Multipack Passes 

Multipack passes are available to financial members only and allow access to scheduled Park community sessions. Passes are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and are non-transferrableSessions are available to book online using a discount code and are subject to availability.   

NSTC reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Multipack pass, without compensation, if there is reason to suspect that the Multipack holder has breached the relevant Terms Multipack holders must not permit others to use, enter or access NSTC premises through the misuse of the holders’ MultipackSuch conduct may result in suspension or cancellation of the applicable Multipack. 


NSTC staff may refuse entry to the premises or activity if guests do not meet any equipment, clothing or accessory requirements imposed for safety and operational reasons. Guests are to be responsible for their own equipment.  

Airbag Wax 

Specific airbag wax is available for purchase from the NSTC. Candle wax is not permittedWaxing facilities for guest usage is not available at the NSTC, however NSTC staff can wax equipment for a cost at the clubhouse.  

Age & Ability Restrictions 

The NSTC is open to all ages and abilities, however some restrictions are placed on certain activities. All children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18.  

Photography & Filming 

Photos and video recordings are permitted within the public areas of the premises. Under no circumstances will any photography or video be allowed in the changing facilities, toilets, or shower areas. If NSTC becomes aware of any photographs and/or videos have been taken by guests that are deemed to be inappropriate, NSTC may request that certain files are deleted immediately. If there is any concern that filming or photography may be in breach of any way, NSTC will proceed with mandatory reporting to appropriate agencies and law enforcement NSTC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment. 

NSTC may conduct, or allow third parties to conduct, photography and filming at the premises. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed at NSTC, please let us know when you make a booking or enter the premises. Unless NSTC has been notified, guests agree to the publication of any photographs and/or video recordings used by NSTC, without prior notice or compensation, for the purpose of but not limited to film, broadcast, TV, social media and any other media platforms, publications, future events, and publicity. 

Any photography or filming must adhere to SA’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy which can be accessed at Integrity - Snow Australia. 

Guests under the age of 18 must have completed a ‘Media Consent Form’ signed by a parent or guardian prior to attending the NSTC. 

CCTV & Security Recordings 

CCTV Security cameras operate throughout the NSTC premises for security and work health and safety purposes. Guests acknowledge that they may be filmed and recorded. 

Personal Property 

Guests are responsible for all personal belongings and propertyNSTC is not, and will not be, liable for any damage, loss, or theft of your personal belongingsLockers are available for use and are included in the cost of your session. Locks will not be providedGuests may use their own locks to secure any possessions placed into the locker for the duration of the booked session. Locks are not permitted to be left on lockers and NSTC reserves the right to remove any locks by NSTC staff. All equipment, clothing and accessories must be removed at the end of each session, items cannot be left at the premises. Any lost property will be kept at the premises for 30 days before being disposed of.   

Refusal of Entry or Removal from Premises 

Guests may be refused entry to or be removed from the premises, without a refund, if the NSTC reasonably believes that you are affected by drugs, alcohol or have behaved inappropriately; your actions may pose a risk to NSTC staff or other guests; or you are in breach of any of the Terms & Conditions or other laws, policies or conditions applying to the premises. In the case of suspected criminal activity, the appropriate authorities may be contacted. 

Cancellation, Refund & Amendments 

Community Bookings 

All community classes and/or sessions are made online and paid for in advance. Bookings are non-transferable to another person 

Cancellations due to injury or medical circumstances, made at least 48 hours in advance of the class and/or session, will receive a full refund (less credit card fees). Cancellations due to injury or medical circumstances made within 48 hours of the class and/or session can request to be rescheduled to another session (subject to availability) within the following 30 days, no refunds will be given 

Cancellations due to other circumstances, within reason, may be eligible for a refund provided sufficient notice is given in writing with a valid reasonAny approved refunds will incur a 20% cancellation fee, plus credit card fees, from the time notice is received.  

All cancellation requests must be made in writing, along with a medical certificate where required, via email  Cancellations or requests to reschedule will not be accepted via phone. 


Vehicles must only be parked within the marked car park areas of NSTC. Parking is not permitted within the athlete housing area and/or club house access road. Vehicles are parked in the car park at your own risk. NSTC is not, and will not be, liable for any damage, loss or theft of any vehicle, accessories, or contents in or on any vehicle. 

Snow Australia Membership  

All guests using the premises must have, at a minimum, an NSTC Access Membership. All financial discipline memberships include Snow Australia premises access, which include but not limited to, NSTC. No additional membership is required if you are a current financial member of SA. 

View the complete Membership Terms & Conditions HERE 

All memberships are non-transferrable, are valid for 12 months and must be renewed from 1 May each year.  

If a member wishes to upgrade their membership, this can be done at any time throughout the year via the SA website. The member will be required to pay any difference in price, if applicable.  

Each member is responsible for ensuring their personal details are correct at the time of registering and/or renewing their membership.  

SA and NSTC reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Membership, without compensation, if we reasonably suspect that the member has seriously breached their obligations under the relevant terms and conditions. Members must not permit others to use, enter or access the NSTC premises through the misuse of the members’ membership. Such conduct may amount to a serious breach of these terms and conditions and may result in suspension or cancellation of the Membership. 

SA retains the right to vary these terms and conditions from time to time, including changing the prices of any Membership. Any variations become effective on posting of the changes on our website.  

Private Bookings & Group Bookings 

Private bookings are available to individuals and groups Min numbers apply.

A NSTC Venue Enquiry form must be completed prior to arrival and can be requested via email  Costs are based on the information provided in this request formThere will be no reduction in costs if the number of private or group bookings varies from the commencement date All guests attending as a part of a group must be a member of SA.  

A deposit of 30% is applicable for private bookings once the quote has been accepted.  

Cancellations made 14 days or more before the booking begins will receive a full refund of the deposit, less a $100 administration fee Cancellations made within 7-14 days prior to the commencement of the booking will incur a 20% cancellation fee of the quoted cost. Cancellations made within 7 days before the booking commencement date, the full deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be made in writing via email  

Further information on group bookings can be found HERE 

NSTC Gym, Cardio & Running Track 

The NSTC Gym, Cardio and Running Track areas are accessible for authorised high performance sporting groups and authorised community sporting groups only. It is not available for public use.  

Authorised High performance and community sporting groups may access the gym, cardio and running track areas on a user pay system and sessions must always be supervised by Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) qualified coaches.  

A NSTC staff member will be present for all booked sessions.  

Visiting athletes and coaches must sign the NSWIS Venue Access Waiver and complete the NSTC gym and cardio induction prior to the first session.  

Athletes must bring appropriate gym training equipment (lifting shoes/towels/water bottles). Any damage to weights and cardio equipment must be immediately reported to NSTC staff. 

Visiting athletes and coaches must complete the incident / near miss report for any injuries, incidents, or near misses in the NSTC gym, cardio and running track areas 

The maximum number of athletes per session must not exceed 30 pax in the gym and maximum 20 pax in the cardio areas.  

Requests for gym, cardio and running track bookings can be made via email   

Private Coaching Session 

Coaches who are not affiliated with a SA Recognised Pathway Provider are able to coach athletes at NSTC during community sessions on the proviso that: 

  • Coaches are current financial members of SA.  

  • Coaches provide proof of insurance, coaching accreditation, WWCC and first aid details. These documents will be uploaded into the coaches SA membership profile for future reference. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that all documentation is current and accurate 

  • Coaches are required to be inducted to the premises by the NSTC Operations Manager. Coaches may be required to assist with operations, including but not limited to, water control, radio confirmation and buggy driving. 

  • Coaches are required to advise NSTC, via email, to nominate a list of athletes for private coaching with a minimum of 72 hours prior to the community session. Access will be confirmed by NSTC as soon as possible once the request has been received. Athletes are responsible for booking and payment of the community session. Coaches will be individually invoiced an athlete coaching fee per athlete. 

  • Coaches are to advise NSTC of athlete attending the session. Maximum of four (4) athletes in the group at any one time.  

  • A limited number of coaches can be at the top of the tower. Coaches should supply their own radios, tuned into the NSTC frequency, for communication.  

  • Coaches have permission to only coach their nominated athletes. Coaching of athletes outside of their nominated group, may be incur additional fees 

Responsibility Code 

All guests agree to the following Responsibility Code:  

  • RESPECT – Treat all participants, staff, and spectators with respect 

  • INCLUSIVITY – Treat everyone with fairness and equity 

  • SAFETY – Follow the rules and guidelines, including the proper use of equipment at the premises 

  • COOPERATION – Cooperate with coaches and fellow participants to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere 

  • PREMISES PROPERTY – Respect the premises property and equipment. Keep the premises clear and report any damages 

  • SPECTATOR SUPPORT – Encourage children to participate, support all efforts and remember that children play sport for their enjoyment. 

No alcohol or glassware are permitted within the premises. 

No smoking (including e-cigarettes) is permitted within the premises. 

Illegal substances are strictly prohibited. If you are found in possession of any suspected illegal substance, the appropriate authorities may be contacted.  

Dogs are NOT permitted at the premises unless they are an assistance animal. 

Activity at NSTC is inherently dangerous due to the physical and technical skill required to participateAct with consideration for yourself and others and refrain from behaviour which could affect your safety or the safety of othersObey all reasonable instructions and warning given by NSTC staff. 

NSTC will uphold the highest possible standard of supervision on and progression within our operational control The actions and misadventures of guests attempting to undertake increasingly higher risk activity will be supervised with specialty skill and care. This same level of skill and care is always undertaken by all guests on any equipment. Report any behaviour or activity which is deemed unsafe, unfair, inappropriate, or concerning to NSTC staff.