Helmet Rules

Alpine & Ski Cross

All U12, U14, U16 and FIS competitors are be required to wear FIS compliant helmets in FIS and Snow Australia Series races. Compliant helmets must display the following sticker.

More information regarding Alpine & Ski Cross FIS helmet and equipment regulations available here


The use of crash helmets is compulsory for all snowboard events. Helmets used in FIS Snowboard events shall be specifically designed and manufactured for the respective discipline and shall bear a CE mark and conform to recognized and appropriate standards such as CEE 1077 or US 2040, ASTM 2040.


The use of helmets is compulsory for all events. (See ICR 3054.6, 4008.2.1, 4206.1.3, 4306.1.3, , 4511.3)

Requirements: Helmet model to be certified under EN 1077 (class B) or ASTM 2040 as minimum standards

  • NB1: soft ear padding is allowed
  • NB2: crash helmets fulfilling higher safety standards can be used. This includes:
    • EN 1077 (Class A), SNELL 98 and all helmets fulfilling the specific standard described above such as CEN 1385.