Sport 2030

Sport 2030 - Sport Australia’s vision is for Australia to be the world’s most active sporting nation, known for its integrity, sporting success and world-leading sports industry — a vision which the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) plays an integral part in achieving through our role in leading the high-performance system in Australia

Sport 2030 is our nation's plan for moving from world class to world best.

Developed in partnership with Australia's high performance network, Sport 2030 provides the high performance sports sector with clear performance targets and a framework for collaboration from 2012-2022.

Australia’s 2012—2022 performance targets

Goals for major international competitions in priority sports will be used to assess the effectiveness of Australia’s high performance system. The following goals are aligned with the Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Paralympic Committee and Australian Commonwealth Games Association. They reflect the individual ambitions of sports, with an overlay from the ASC and State Institutes and Academies of Sport.

  • Top 5 Olympics and Paralympics
  • Top 15 Winter Olympics and Paralympics
  • #1 Commonwealth Games
  • 20+ World champions annually

AWE Athlete Categorisation

A key element of the Sport 2030 strategy is to identify our high-potential athletes and ensure they receive the right support at the right time in their pathway.

The Sport Australia Athlete Categories has been developed to provide a consistent basis, both within and across sports, to:

  • Identify the athletes with the greatest potential to contribute to Sport Australia targets
  • Track their performance over time
  • Inform the prioritisation of support to these athletes

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