Kangaroo Hoppet Joins Ski Classics

Published Wed 03 Jul 2024

The Kangaroo Hoppet has been part of the Worldloppet series of long-distance races since 1991, and more than 30 years on the iconic event is going to another level.

This year, the Hoppet is set also to become part of the Ski Classics Challenger series of cross country races.

Ski Classics is a series of races for professional 'Pro Tour' teams that sit within Worldloppet and other long-distance ski races around the world, including other legendary events such as Sweden's 90km Vasaloppet and Italy's 70km Marcialonga.

The Ski Classics Challenger series expands the opportunity for Pro Tour teams to score points in over 60 races worldwide, with the Kangaroo Hoppet now among them.

So, what does this mean for the Kangaroo Hoppet?

The event itself essentially remains the same. However, the opportunities for event exposure and prospect of elite international skiers making the trip to Australia are greatly increased.

Ski Classics events are streamed live on SC Play, an on-demand streaming service dedicated to Ski Classics events and challengers, which has drawn millions of viewers with its appealing segments and expert commentary.

The Ski Classics website already gives a great plug for the Hoppet, including these quotes from the organising committee:

"For over 30 years the Hoppet has been enjoyed by skiers of all standards and is the highlight of the Australian ski season," says Sandra Paul, Kangaroo Hoppet Chief of Race. "Now, as a Ski Classics Challengers event, it will be reached by an expanded international audience of both skiers who want to travel ‘Down Under’ and viewers who follow Ski Classics around the world."

A number of Australian athletes have recently raced for Pro Tour teams, including Kat Paul, Phillip Bellingham and Ella Jackson.

Kangaroo Hoppet Chairman Allan Marsland said that becoming a part of Ski Classics is an exciting step forward for the event.

“While the Kangaroo Hoppet has become well known to citizen skiers taking part in Worldloppet over many years, this partnership will raise awareness of the race to the Ski Classics Pro Team skiers and their fans who follow the series," he said. "And the presence of these elite skiers on the start line will be an exciting addition to the atmosphere and excitement of the event for our local Aussie skiers.”

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