JF Dry Ski the amazing technology behind NSTC airbags run-ins

Published Fri 25 Nov 2022

Countless thin strips with round balls on the top, resembling a mushroom-like shape, are what make the surface of the run-in slopes of the National Snowsports Training Centre airbags jumps different from other dry slope surfaces in terms of sliding effect and safety.

The run-in surface is called ‘JF dry ski’ and its structure, friction, elasticity, safety protection, and simulation effect provide an ideal surface for airbag beginners to high performance athletes.

The surface allows the rider to either carve or skid to aid in speed control or line choice. It is possible to turn on the surface quite well, but the aim is maintaining a low edge angle and making small adjustments to create your speed or set your line. 

The state of the art airbag jumps are certainly the highlight of the NSTC, with four jumps and two airbag landings. The development jumps are 4  and 7 meters in size and perfect for developing fundamentals through technical tricks. The high-performance jumps are approximately 12 and 16.5 meters in size and aid in developing higher-end technical riding skills and tricks for Australia’s Olympic athletes and hopefuls.

Both have impressive run-in slopes ranging from 20+ degrees on the development side, to 38 degrees on the high-performance ramps.

The run-in and the airbags are watered with a sprinkler system that allows for less friction, which aids in gliding across the surface or sliding down the bags. 

In the warmer months, it can be quite enjoyable, much like a water park, but in the winter months, warm layers or even thin wetsuits help battle the elements of wind and water. 

As for equipment, it is important that there are no cracked edges on skis or boards. The edges will be slightly detuned and deburred so as not to damage the airbags.  The best wax for the surface is a harder cold wax in the range of 5 to 6. This then allows you to remove and use for winter as well. 

The NSTC, provides a world-class training facility for the off-snow daily training of athletes at the development, pre-elite, and elite performance levels, and also services the broader community of Jindabyne, with community access and classes for locals and visitors to the area.

Currently the NSTC building is still under construction which will be host to the acrobatics facility, high performance gym and range of athlete support services for our developing and national athletes.

In the next 18-months there is also a plan to construct a rail line that will aid in all aspects of Park & Pipe development. The rail line will be interchangeable allowing beginner through to high-end features to be created and aligned with one another.

Both the airbags and acrobatics facilities will be open to the public, programs, and elite athletes from Australia and around the world. 

It is easy for all to access the NSTC. Simply visit the Snow Australia website at https://www.snow.org.au/nstc/