Welcome to Week 1 of the SnowActive Program

Watch the video below to join 2 x Winter Olympian Sami Kennedy-Sim as she guides you through Week 1 of the SnowActive program.

Week 1 introduces you to some basic movement and strength exercises with varying degrees of difficulty depending on your ability. To get the best results it is recommended you complete the program 3-5 times during the week. Further details of the Week 1 program are available below the video.



Week 1 Program outline:

  • Equipment - none
  • Whole body Warm-ups
  • Strength Work
    • Body Weight Squat (3 Sets of 8 reps)
    • Push Ups (4 sets of 5 reps)
    • Glute Bridge (2 sets of 12 reps)
    • Superman’s (Start with gently squeezing your shoulder blades together (this will bring the front of your shoulders off the floor, then lift your hands off the floor and hold for 20 seconds, then pulse up and down in the air for 15-20 repetitions / Repeat 3 times)
  • Core Work
    • Plank
      • Forearms on the ground, elbows bent to 90°. Elbows should be directly under the shoulders, Just like with a push-up, keep your shoulders, hips & ankles in line – don’t poke your bottom out. Keep your lower abdominal muscles switched on, but try not to “brace” your stomach. Don’t hold your breath!! Remember to breath nice and slowly in and out. On the ground – maintain your posture just like this and we are going to hold it for 20 seconds (3 sets of 20 sec)
  • Cardio Work
    • Shuttle Runs
      • If you have the space (a garage, a hallway, a garden, a local park) aim for 20-30m, but if you only have 10m, just do more rounds! Break it down to manageable goals for you: e.g.: try doing 4 rounds of 20-30m, stop for 10 seconds, then repeat again. Make sure the efforts are moderate – high intensity to really get the cardiovascular effect on the heart: this will mimic what it’s like on the slopes with short, high-intensity bursts of exercise followed by a rest/ recovery period. Keep going for 5 minutes and then stop and rest for two minutes; (5 sets)
  • Cool Down Recovery 
    • Active Recovery
      • This means doing some sort of activity to keep the body moving, but at a lower intensity than the exercise session just completed So lets all take a short walk around where you are The pace can be nice and comfortable, catch your breath, let your heart rate slow down Keep walking for a full 60-90 seconds
  • Stretching
    • Calves 
    • Hamstrings
    • Quad
    • Lower Back
    • Upper Body

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