Why is Physical Literacy so important?

Snow Australia recognises the importance of implementing progressive athletic development frameworks to assist with athletic development along the Snowsports Athlete Pathway.

Sport Australia has identified many young Australians that are unable to perform basic fundamental movement skills, as well as lack the confidence, ability and motivation to move and be physically active. From a sporting perspective, this results in poor athletic techniques, low skill development, and ultimately, low standard and stainability and retention of emerging to elite athletes.

To assist our community with raising the level of sport-specific skills, Snow Australia is currently developing a physical literacy program. This program will be designed to support our Affiliated Clubs and Pathway Providers to improve the foundational movement skills, to aid individual athlete preparation and development on and off snow.  The aim of this key initiative is to widen the current pool of potential talent and creating a high standard of emerging and developing athletes, as well as increasing the lifelong participation within our sport.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy begins with strong fundamental movement skills, which are basic movement patterns developed through object control, locomotive skills and balance movements.

This early engagement with building skill drives the holistic lifelong learning of physical literacy by the learnt confidence and motivation developed from physical and social competence, as well as knowledge and understanding of movement.

Physical Literacy encompasses four components;

  • Physical – The skills and fitness you need to move
  • Psychological – Your attitudes, emotions and how they impact your confidence and motivation to move
  • Social – Your ability to interact with others when you move
  • Cognitive – The knowledge and understanding you need to move and be physically active

Athletes who demonstrate strong physical literacy can draw on these integrated skills, to further develop their sport-specific skills, and have the potential to excel within their chosen discipline.

To understand more about physical literacy, please click here to visit the Sport Australia website.