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Henry Heaydon

Name: Henry Heaydon
Hometown: Edwards, Colorado
Home Australian Mountain: Thredbo
Home Australian Club: Thredbo Ski Racing Club
Years on NAST: 5
Year of Birth: 2001
Disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G
Career highlights/best results: 2 podiums U16 Whistler Cup
Podium U16 US Alpine Nations
2020 World Alpine Junior Championships Narvik, Norway
2021 World Alpine Junior Championships Bansko, Bulgaria
NCAA All American
Why I love competing in Alpine: Skiing is always a rush, whether it be free skiing, training, or racing. Racing however is the one of the purest forms of adrenaline I have experienced in my life. Standing in the start gate there are many emotions that flood through me. Of course, I get nervous, almost everyone does, but as the start time approaches and the 10 second countdown begins, everything goes silent. Vision focuses on the course and nothing else. Most all other sensations are blocked out. While I'm skiing not much goes through my head, muscle memory takes over and all the years of training are put to use. Crossing the finish line, everything comes back into reality and all around me is no longer quiet. Competing for me is a rush and the feeling I get from it is almost addictive. Sure we all have bad days competing, but when l have a good run and cross that finish line there is a certain feeling l get that almost lets me know, yeah that was a good one. 
Any training advice: Training methods will differ for every person. My main advice would be just go out and ski to your full potential every day 
until you feel like your pace is dropping off. Focus on one thing at a time and take it step by step. Trying to change one thing in your skiing is hard enough, trying to change multiple things at once is almost impossible. Lastly, never forget your fundamentals. Go back and revisit basic drills and maybe even a basic turn. 
Social media links: Instagram : @henry.heaydon 
Facebook : @HenryHeaydonAthlete 
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